Is it Ice Cream or Yogurt?

Our product is smooth and delicious ice cream, made with skim milk. It is not yogurt because it contains no live cultures.

Does D’Lites Ice Cream Contain Sugar?

Our ice cream is sweetened with natural sugar, which comes from the lactose in the milk.

Are there any sugar alcohols?

D’Lites Ice Cream contains absolutely no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners!

What is the healthy twist?

D’Lites Ice Cream is incredibly low in calories, fat, carbs, and sugar, and is cholesterol free and has no artificial sweeteners. As such, it can be enjoyed everyday by those on even the strictest of diets and by those just trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Are all of your flavors healthy?

Absolutely. All flavors are made from either our delicious vanilla or chocolate ice creams. Each flavor, therefore, has the same nutritional content as either the vanilla or chocolate.

Is it available in take-home containers?

We stock a large selection of our flavors in prepackaged frozen 8oz, pint, and quart containers.We are also happy to fill up a take-home container of any of our flavors of the day.

Do you sell ice cream cakes?

Yes. We have a selection of pre-made cakes on which we can write a custom message. Or, we can make a custom cake with your flavors of the week with 48 hours notice.

Anything else besides ice cream?

D’Lites Emporium is not just an ice cream shop. We carry a wide variety of healthy and fun foods and snacks. Click Here for a list of some of our most popular products.

Cups, cones, and what else?

In the store we make ice cream sandwiches, cakes, pies, ultimate bowls, shakes, sundaes, blenders, and pie slices, all from our delicious healthy ice cream.

Do you have healthy toppings?

In addition to our wide selection of traditional candy toppings, we carry healthier choices such as: fat-free fudge, fat-free sugar-free fudge, fat-free sugar-free caramel, granola, no sugar-added strawberries, sugar-free English Toffee, carob chips, sugar-free dark chocolate almonds and more…

How many calories are in D’Lites Ice Cream?

Fewer than you probably think. D’Lites Ice Cream has approximately 50 calories per 4 fluid ounce serving.

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