A D’Liteful Story

It all started in Plantation, Florida over 30 years ago when Susan Corsover, at the age of 31, had her first of two open-heart surgeries and began her second chance at life. Changing her lifestyle and diet wasn’t easy and it wasn’t something she wanted to do . . . it was something she had to do. Susan was determined to beat the odds and live a long and healthy life . . . and she has!! Susan began exercising and eating healthier and gave up fats and sweets. But the one thing she really craved and missed was ice cream. She was able to give up many of her favorite foods but, she couldn’t bear giving up ice cream. So, she searched the country for a cholesterol free, low-fat ice cream that tasted like the creamy delicious old-fashioned dessert she craved. But, it didn’t exist. Disappointed but determined, Susan did the only thing she could to do to satisfy her craving and stick to her strict and essential diet-she invented her own low fat, low sugar, low carb, cholesterol-free ice cream. And so, D’Lites was born!!!

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